Our Story

Luminous Soul was launched to serve as a platform where kindred spirits can come together to support each other and encourage wellness. Our products are handcrafted by like-minded craftsmen for people of elegance and style in need of a platform that nourishes the mind and beautifies the body.


Our Belief

Luminous Soul was founded on the belief that humans are connected spiritually- some more than others. We believe in building strong connections founded on similarities, with the knowledge that true and authentic relationships empower and nourish the body, mind and spirit


Our Products

Feed Your Soul, Ensure Your Wellness

We stock up on a wide range of clothing and accessories that are essential for healing and growth. Our brand represents high quality products carefully designed from natural products and by like-minded vendors with ethical standards.

The Luminous Soul line of products compliment and illuminate your beautiful spirit to the world.


Our Mission

The idea behind starting Luminous Soul was birthed from the zeal to emphasize the importance of feeding one’s soul and healing one’s self. We are on a mission to keep the world inspired by providing tips, moral support, product recommendations and products that not only beautify the body but enrich the mind.


About Me

Born between two distinct worlds, I was expected to live peacefully in one and abide by the other. With a mind averted to division and the strong belief that everything is one by a deep connection, I continually sought ways to unite both worlds into one.

Growing up, I had so many unanswered questions, relating to self-identity and purpose. I am glad to say that today, I have found answers to most of life’s puzzles. I am my own self-whole and complete. I understand that all I need to not only survive but thrive is already within me.

There’s no force greater than a mind that has embraced true independence and is willing to support and nourish the minds of others. This is my mission! Luminous Soul is the portal through which I hope to help you discover yourself, connect with others, thrive and soar.


Welcome to Luminous Soul!


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    Great mission

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